Can Moment Last Forever?(2023-)


In this series, the artist embarks on a journey to unveil the intrinsic value of nature, contrasting the enduring nature of stone with the ephemeral beauty of ever-changing plants. The stones, born and evolving over time, starkly contrast with the fleeting grace of the plants. Personally arranging and photographing wild plants on blocks of ice, the artist overlays them with images of meticulously placed glass shards. This technique encapsulates the transient nature and beauty of the moment within the layers, portraying a delicate yet breathtaking instance in time. Against the backdrop of a winter snowy landscape, rocks and snow become the focal points of a minimalist composition, capturing the serene world of rocks, snow, and flowing river water. Through this visual exploration, the artist not only captures the profound beauty of nature but also contemplates the fragility inherent in each moment, seeking to express the preciousness of the natural world.

 Can Moment Last Forever? #001

Can Moment Last Forever?  #002

Can Moment Last Forever? #003

Can Moment Last Forever?#004

Can Moment Last Forever?#005

Can Moment Last Forever?#006

Can Moment Last Forever?#007

Can Moment Last Forever?#008

Can Moment Last Forever?#009

Can Moment Last Forever?#010


About work: 2023-
Limited edition pigment prints are signed and numbered by Keiichiro and come with a certificate of authenticity. Printed on Baryta Inkjet Paper. Margin is not included in measurements.
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