White Light

「WHITE LIGHT」は、自然物と人工物、蕾と花、葉の裏と表のような相反する関係性から全体を形成した「時空間」を表現した作品群です。「泥中の蓮」のような周りに染まらず清らかに生きているような人をイメージし、泥の代わりにアルミニウムの削り屑を使用しています。作品中の花はアーティスト自らが生けています。

"WHITE LIGHT" is a series of works expressing "time and space" formed as a whole from conflicting relationships such as natural and artificial, bud and flower, and the back and front of a leaf. Keiichiro used aluminum shavings instead of mud to create the image of a person who lives a pure life untainted by their surroundings, like "a lotus in the mud". The flowers are arranged by the artist himself. The paper used in the original print consists of a neutral paper and a plaster layer, the surface of which is further coated with its own plaster containing mica. The result is a natural and deep image quality that is full of life. The plaster provides a high degree of preservation.

This work received 1st place, Professional Nature/Flowers at the IPA(International Photography Awards) 2020.

White Light #001

White Light #002

White Light #003

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About work: 2020
Limited edition pigment prints are signed and numbered by Keiichiro and come with a certificate of authenticity. Printed on Fresco Giclee Paper Coated with Pearl Mica. Margin is not included in the measurements.
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